So you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin the kitchen makeover of your dreams. Congratulations! A kitchen remodel is a great way to transform your home for the better and boost your real estate value. Whether you’re launching a full-scale kitchen renovation or just upgrading to new kitchen cabinets, it’s exciting to watch your home change before your eyes.

However, as exciting as kitchen remodels are, they can also be stressful. Most people use the kitchen every day. It is often the center of home life, and it can be challenging to live without it during a remodel.

In today’s post, TruFinish’s trusted kitchen remodeling contractors outline our top five tips for living without a kitchen during your remodel. Read them here, and feel free to contact our Loveland office once you’re ready to get started on your new kitchen!

1. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

First of all, if you are fortunate enough to have two kitchens in your home (like a small kitchen or bar area in a finished basement), use it!

But, if you’re like most people, you’ll have to find a space somewhere else in your home that can be repurposed into a temporary kitchen for the duration of the remodel. Ideally, this is a room with a large sink and space to set up a folding table (garages, mudrooms, and basements work well), but most anywhere will do in a pinch. Outfit the space with your trash cans, small appliances, folding tables and chairs, and boxes of kitchen supplies. Make it as comfortable and organized as possible and use it as your stand-in kitchen.

2. Move Your Fridge — Or Get a Mini

Your fridge is one of your most important appliances. If you can, move it to your temporary kitchen, but if that’s not an option, think about investing in a mini fridge — the kind you might find in a college dorm room — to keep the essentials cool. You’ll want somewhere to put your leftovers from all the takeout you’re about to be eating!

3. Organize Your Kitchen Items

You likely won’t be using quite a few of your kitchen items during your remodel. Box those things up and store them somewhere safe. But keep your more commonly used utensils easily accessible by storing them in clear, labelled bins in your temporary kitchen space.

4. Stock Up On Paper Plates

Disposable plates and utensils are going to be your best friends during this time. No one wants to wash their dinner plates in a bathroom sink. Using disposable products will streamline your cleanup and cut down on the stress of keeping your temporary kitchen clean and organized. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact, you can use recyclable or biodegradable products.

5. Put the Crockpot to Work

Try to plan to cook meals that can be easily made with small appliances like slow cookers, microwaves, toaster ovens, electric skillets, hot plates, and rice cookers. If the weather is nice enough, grill outside! You might have to get a little creative with your meals, but you can think of this time as an opportunity to hone your skills and try out some new recipes.

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